Ensure that the name you provide us matches the name written on your government-issued ID. You may use the following IDs:


A valid National ID

Many countries have a national identity card, in most cases, this card is acceptable as a form of identification if it is valid and current. 


A valid Passport

If you wish to verify using a Passport, when you submit a selfie please ensure that the picture, Passport number and MRZ number (the long string of characters at the bottom of the page) are all visible and not obscured in any way. If our Customer Support team is unable to read them, we will be unable to process your order until you resubmit a clear copy of the image.


In addition, it’s important to check the following

  • Ensure that your name exactly matches what is indicated in your government-issued ID. 
  • Refrain from using non-alphanumeric characters.

There are cases where our Compliance Team may require further verification requirements from you. We do not allow verifying more than one Banxa account per person. However, if you have verified with us via one partner, you will not need to verify if you use a different exchange or wallet.



In some cases, if you jump up suddenly in Order size (from a few hundred to multiple thousands of $$$) we may require additional verification at the request of our compliance partners.