Social Media House Rules

By using or posting on Banxa social media channels, you accept our house rules.

Our house rules ensure that our social media channels remain a safe place and positive experience for everyone to connect with us or get help.

Our Social Media Channels:

Twitter: @BanxaOfficial, @BanxaHoldings & @BanxaSupport



YouTube: Banxa_Com

Additional Support:

Before contacting us via social media, you might like to search our website FAQs to see if we already have the answer to your question.

Alternatively, you can raise a support ticket via

Our House Rules: 

  • Be kind to our employees and our community. Our social media channels are a public forum, so know that what you are posting is visible for everyone to see.
  • We encourage your honest opinion of our services and products. However, we do not tolerate any swearing, personal attacks, forms of abuse or bullying of our employees or community members. Any such behaviour will result in being permanently banned from our page/ channel that you've engaged on.
  • We do not allow the posting of any inappropriate content across our public feeds or private/direct messages. This includes content that is: antagonistic, commercial, defamatory, harassing, indecent, infringing on anyone’s intellectual property rights, menacing, offensive, promotional, threatening, trolling or unlawful in any way.
  • If you are posting the same content repetitively, this is considered spamming. Spam slows us down and will only delay help. We will provide you with a warning the first time, and if you choose to continue to spam, this can result in being banned from our page.
  • Don’t share any personal information that you don’t want anyone else to see. We may delete the comment/message on your behalf. Message us privately instead if you need help and need to share your personal details.
  • We will not reply publicly with personal details related to your order. This may me we request that you DM us or create a ticket in order to resolve your enquiry. This is done to ensure we protect your information and comply with relevant privacy obligations.
  • All decisions are final and up to the discretion of Banxa’s social media moderators.

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