Payment time varies due to a number of factors - 

  • By payment method
  • If this is your first order with us
  • Whether the ID you submit is clear and passes our compliance checks 


Over 90% of our orders are processed in under 30 minutes. 


However, some aspects of the process are outside of Banxa’s control - blockchain settlement (due to network congestion), delays from your payment method, and external compliance checks. If we are aware of these delays, we will inform our customers via email. 


Payment Methods and Times


Please consider these times for the various payment methods - In some cases, the money will display as deducted from your account, but there is a time delay for this to reach our account/s and be verified. 

Visa/Mastercard and ApplePay
Payments made with a credit card, debit card or using apple pay. Payments are processed with WorldPay.

Payment network only available in European countries.

Payment network only available in Canada for interbank transfers.

Bank transfers made in Europe.

1 business day
Bank transfer made in the UK using the Enumis payment network.

Uses the Sofort payment network. Only available in European countries.

1 business day
Bank transfers made in Australia.

1-3 business days
BPay is a payment method only available in Australia that allows customers to make secure bank transfers.

1 business day
POLi is a payment network only available in Australia.

1 business day
Australia Post and Newsagents
Payment made in-store at newsagents and AusPost branches. The customer uses a QR code generated in the order flow to claim the cryptocurrency in-store.

Orders can only be processed 45 minutes after the payment has been received.